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I'm a writer, narrative designer and academic working in multiple media. I've worked for Sony, Big Finish, the Royal Court, The Guardian & Edge amongst many others. I'm writing a book on transmedia storytelling for Macmillan.


I specialised in audio production when I graduated in 1993 and I've since gone onto be involved in various ways in this medium. In 1993 I won the BBC Young Radio Critic of the Year award for a review of Radio Four's Mediumwave programme and subsequently went on to write about radio for The Guardian. At the same time I began teaching audio production techniques, first at Bournemouth University and then at South Thames College, Wandsworth and for London South Bank University. In 1998/1999 I was radio tutor, producer and engineer on the Sound Radio project for the Hackney-based charity Cultural Partnerships. I've since written 'Love and Hate', the second episode in Big Finish's Highlander series produced under license from MGM and Davis-Panzer.